(ゴスペルシンガー / クワイアディレクター)(Gospel Singer / Choir Director)

2002年にはアメリカで開催された Edwin & Walter Hawkins 主催のカンファレンスで日本人として初めてソロをとる。
2012年にゴスペルシンガーとして本格的にソロ活動を開始。翌年には1stアルバム「I CHOOSE TO LIVE」をリリース。
また、Shalom Gospel Ministryを立ち上げ、Butch Heyward、Gary Hines(Sounds Of Blackness)、Claude McKnight(TAKE6)など、国内外ゴスペルアーティストのワークショップやコンサートなどの企画も行っている。
2023年で来日40周年を迎え、10年ぶりにアルバム『My Story〜Gate 40〜』をリリース。

Originally from Spain. Born and raised between Brazilian father and Japanese mother.

Started dancing in her early childhood. She moved to Japan at the age of 17, kept dancing while dreaming of being a musical dancer. But a traffic accident took her dream away.
After a while, a close friend suggested her to participate a Gospel Workshop together, this wonderful encounter with Gospel music changed her life. 
Started joining various Gospel choirs. Had an opportunity to be a very first Japanese soloist at Music & Arts Love Fellowship Conference in America hosted by Edwin & Walter Hawkins in 2002. 

Now she’s been working as a minister and a Choir Director at Shalom Church Shinjuku Tokyo. 
Started her career as a solo artist in 2012, the very first album “I CHOOSE TO LIVE” was released next year. 
She’s been energetically doing concerts and workshops all over Japan since then. She also launched Shalom Gospel Ministry, planning and working on workshops, concerts and various events of foreign or domestic Gospel Artists such as Butch Heyward, Gary Hines(Sounds Of Blackness), Claude McKnight(TAKE6).



「All The Angels(2003)」Shout Worthy (Solo) Music & Arts Love Fellowship Conference
「Piece of Our Peace(2006)」Please & Praise
「MICHTAM PRAISE & WORSHIPVol.24『New Heart』(2009)」
「J-frontlines Live Worship 2010」(2010) New Hope Ministries
「J-frontlines Live Worship 2011 (2011) 」New Hope Ministries

「I choose to live(2013)」MARISAソロアルバム
「I choose to live シングル盤ブックレット(2017)」
「Colors of Life (2020)」デジタル音源リリース

『My Story〜Gate 40〜(2023)』MARISA初オリジナルソロアルバム

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